Smile Makeover

Now is the Right Time for a Smile Makeover in Fishers at Northpoint Dental Care

With the current advancements in cosmetic dental treatments, Fishers, IN patients are able to achieve a quality, lasting smile, by using methods that are quicker and more discreet than ever before. For patients looking to correct more than one aspect of their dental aesthetics, smile makeovers present an ideal solution. 

Restoring a Beautiful Smile

More and more frequently, dental restorations are becoming more cosmetically-driven. Designed to look as well as feel and function as naturally as possible, these newer, aesthetic restorations are ideal for patients who want to improve their oral wellbeing without compromising the look of their smile.

Treatment techniques like CEREC same-day crowns make it easy for patients with broken or damaged teeth to reinforce their dental function as well as improve the look of their smile. With this system, you can participate in the treatment planning process with your doctor, and will have the best possible fitting crowns.

Veneers and Lumineers®

Veneers and their prepless counterpart, Lumineers®, are widely known as the cosmetic practice that gives our favorite movie stars their impeccably straight and white smiles. With this treatment, Fishers dentist Dr. Brad Harris places sturdy porcelain shells to unaesthetic teeth, giving the appearance of a straighter smile without the time investment that traditional orthodontics require. 

Lumineers®, a newer, thinner variation of veneers, limits how much a doctor needs to buff before bonding the porcelain shells to a patient’s teeth. Additionally, this procedure does not require the time that traditional veneers do for production, getting you that luminous smile even faster.

Invisalign® and Zoom!®

If you aren’t comfortable with having your teeth altered, there are discreet cosmetic options for you too. 

Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces, whereby clear plastic trays are used to correct crooked teeth and most cases of malocclusion. Using Invisalign® allows you the freedom of a natural looking smile, making it ideal for teens and adults who don’t like the idea of smiling with obvious metal braces.

Additionally, the process of Zoom!® whitening can allow patients to experience bright white teeth without needing bleaching trays, or several sessions of whitening. Both of these procedures are beneficial for those patients who might without the time to wait for their perfect smile or the desire to smile through traditional braces. 

Smile beautifully with Northpoint Dental Care

If you’re from Fishers, IN and looking to start your smile makeover, then schedule an appointment with Northpoint Dental Care today!


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